The Daily Wire accuse media of leaving out the fact that a man arrested by ICE was a murder suspect

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  • POSTED ON 21 Aug 2018


The Daily Wire has accused a multitude of media outlets of leaving out the fact that the man was a murder suspect when reporting on Saturday that  that federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents arrested an illegal alien who was taking his wife to hospital to have their baby delivered.

However CBS Los Angeles noted that the ICE statement released on Friday made no mention of homicide charges.

The ICE statement said 'Mr. Arrona-Lara, a citizen of Mexico illegally residing in the United States, was taken into custody Wednesday by ICE Fugitive Operations Team officers in San Bernardino, Calif. Mr. Arrona-Lara is currently in ICE custody pending removal proceedings with the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR). ICE continues to focus its enforcement resources on individuals who pose a threat to national security, public safety and border security. ICE conducts targeted immigration enforcement in compliance with federal law and agency policy.'

It further stated that 'However, ICE will no longer exempt classes or categories of removable aliens from potential enforcement. All of those in violation of the immigration laws may be subject to immigration arrest, detention and, if found removable by final order, removal from the United States.'

The statement makes no mention of homicide charges, and the section regarding classes and categories even implies that ICE would have arrested him even if he was not suspected of homicide.

The previously undisclosed information about Arrona-Lara's homicide links came to light on Saturday, and prompted most media outlets to update their reports to include the information.

Joel Arrona-Lara was arrested by agents when he stopped to fill up his car whilst taking his wife, Maria del Carmen Venegas, to the hospital so she could give birth. 

The Daily Wire claimed that many media outlets reported the story with misleading headlines tinted with a sense of brutality and inhumanity as the political Left is currently attempting to demonize ICE.

The Washington Post's headline read 'ICE arrested a man driving his pregnant wife to give birth. She drove herself to the hospital.'

The Sacramento Bee's headline stated that 'They were on their way to the hospital to have a baby when ICE took him away'. 

CBS News said 'ICE detains man driving pregnant wife to hospital to deliver baby' in their headline. 

'ICE Agents Detained a Man Driving His Pregnant Wife to the Hospital' was the headline selected by TIME. 

Slate's headline read 'ICE Officers Arrest Man Who Was Driving Pregnant Wife to Hospital for C-Section'. 

NY Mag's said 'ICE Arrests Husband Who Was Taking Wife to Give Birth at Hospital' in their headline.

Newsweek chose 'Ice Agents, Part Of Trump Crackdown, Detain Husband Driving Pregnant Wife To Deliver Baby' as their headline. 

NBC News was one of the only media outlets that noted that Arrona-Lara was a murder suspect in their title, as they reported that the man was specifically arrested because of an 'outstanding warrant issued for his arrest in Mexico on homicide charges.' However, it also said that a media representative for the family said that there was a sense of urgency because his wife had a medical condition that made a doctor's supervision more urgent.

This comes just days after over 350 newspapers published editorials for Trump's criticism of the media for inaccurately covering news stories and for occasionally reporting false information. His rhetoric was also an area of focus, as the outgoing UN human rights commissioner, Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein, said that Trump's comments are 'very close to incitement to violence'.