Lightning strikes cause rail disruption in Yorkshire and across the East Coast

  • img Harvey Cawdron
  • POSTED ON 27 Jul 2018


Rail services across Yorkshire and on the East Coast mainline have been disrupted after lightning strikes caused damage to signalling. 

On Friday, London North Eastern Railway advised passengers not to travel 'due to the extreme weather conditions and signalling failure'. 

Meanwhile, all lines were blocked between Leeds and York after trains stopped. 

A passenger was travelling between Newcastle and York when all passengers were told to exit the train at Darlington. 

Barry Lee said people were informed that the train had been cancelled 'due to a lightning strike at York station which had a severe affect on signalling'. He added 'We were told to get off the train, which then headed back to Newcastle. A few minutes later a King's Cross train pulled in and its passengers joined the crowds already on the platform. Everyone was stoical but it's rough for those with small children.'

Lightning strikes also hit the signalling centre at York. Information boards showed serious disruption on services running through Yorkshire. 

Network Rail advised passengers to check their travel plans as 'severe weather had caused widespread disruption'. 

David Renwick, a commuter, tweeted 'Severe thunder and lightning at York Train Station, struck roof and all the information boards off! Huge collective jump from everyone waiting! Journey could be interesting!' 

London North Eastern Railway, the organisation running services on the East coast, tweeted 'Due to the extreme weather conditions and signalling failure throughout the route our advice to passengers is as follows: Do not travel today (27/07/2018) Tickets will be valid for tomorrow (28/07/2018) and Sunday (29/07/2018).' 

However, the organisation faced criticism from some passengers. Jonathan Ellis tweeted 'How can you give this advice??? People have places to be things to do. We can’t just delay by a day or two. Have some respect for paying passengers and find a real solution. This weather has been expected all week.' HillsideSaint1988 also remarked 'Yes but given some people are already TRAVELLING advice not to travel is useless. What practically are we advised to do? Get off at Newcastle and get a hotel?' 

The train operator Northern said that due to the weather, trains between Leeds and York would be disrupted or cancelled. It said that disruption was expected to last until mid-afternoon, and advised customers not to travel 'at this time'. It added that staff were 'on site and attempting to reset systems so trains can resume running'. 

Bursts of torrential rain hit areas of Yorkshire last night, as well as hail stones. Areas of North Yorkshire were hit by the lightning strikes on Friday morning. 

In Nether Poppleton, Wiggington, and Carrfield in York, fire and rescue services were called to homes as a result of the lightning. There are no reports of injuries, but damage was caused to the homes by the strikes.