Has Diana's former bodyguard blamed Harry for not protecting Meghan's father from the press?

  • img Harvey Cawdron
  • POSTED ON 17 Aug 2018


According to the Daily Mail, Princess Diana's former bodyguard has said that Prince Harry should take responsibility for the part he played in the Thomas Markle fiasco. 

In an interview with Yahoo News' The Royal Box, Ken Wharfe, 69, said that Harry should have 'insisted' that aides were sent to help Thomas Markle cope with all the media attention surrounding his daughter's wedding. 

He said that 'He's not an unintelligent guy. He's been through the mill himself, he knows what press intrusion is like. He has a drawbridge and a portcullis to hide behind when they pursue him. Thomas Markle doesn't. Nobody's looking after him. They're going to bend his arm, there'll be the offers money, there'll be the pursuing paparazzi, the invasion and the negative reporting that we've seen.'

According to the Daily Mail, he added that 'Harry could have done something about that. He may have advised palace officials, maybe he did, but he could have insisted on that. He could well have done, but for some reason it hasn't happened'.

Again according to the Daily Mail, he also said that despite his persistent public outbursts, he actually felt sympathy for Thomas Markle, adding 'I don't think we should dismiss her father as someone whose made mistakes here, as an ogre. His behaviour are as a result of poor advice or no advice.' 

As a protection officer to Princess Diana, Wharfe was in charge of round-the-clock security both at home and abroad, from 1987 to 1993, and closely watched the young princes as they grew up. He said that it would have been obvious to members of the royal household that there could be problems with Meghan's family, long before she and Harry announced their engagement in December 2017. 

He said that 'I think the palace were at fault not to earmark this problem very early on in this engagement or even in that relationship and decide how are we going to address this with her father. These are ordinary folk, divorced living in a foreign land and suddenly their daughter's marrying a prince. This was always going to be a problem.' 

He further stated that 'There are a lot aides and advisors in the royal household that could easily have set up something way before this wedding to ensure that the rights and the privacy of her father - irrespective of what her father has done in his life, that's irrelevant - to assist him through this once in a lifetime experience.'

He added that 'Because what's happening to him now is, what I suspected would happen to him is that once the fairytale moves off, the press want the next story. And the story is her father, her brother, her sister, her mother, and so it continues. This could have been softened considerably, had he had the advice of people in the palace to ensure this didn't happen.'

Meghan's mother Doria's grace and dignity impressed onlookers at the Royal wedding, however according to the Daily Mail Wharfe said that she simply made it look easy when it actually was the opposite. 

He said 'It would be very difficult for any parent outside of royalty. Meghan's mother, this diminutive lady with absolute style arriving at Windsor Castle in front of global media, that's very daunting for anybody. I've worked and move within the royal household on a number of occasions and it's quite daunting experience.' 

He added that 'Palace advisors should take some level of criticism for not softening the blow for Thomas Markle, and unfortunately the media will now stay him. The story will run until there's an answer.' 

The Daily Mail were told that he put the phone down on Harry, who told him not to play with the media.