Calls for May to resign after poor council election results

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  • POSTED ON 03 May 2019
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Based on results that had come in by 12.30 pm the Conservatives have lost 500 seats so far in 70 areas, with many councils still to declare.

Pro Brexit MPs Crispin Blunt and Bernard Jenkins, and ex-Council Leader for Bath and North East Somerset Tim Warren both called for Theresa May to resign as Prime Minister.

The Conservatives lost a set of councils in the Home Counties including Chelmsford, which went from a 45-seat majority for the Tories to a 15-seat majority for the Lib Dems.

The leader of the Conservatives in Scotland, Ruth Davies, put the losses down to the lack of progress on Brexit.  She said, “It seems to be ‘a plague on both your houses’ to the Conservatives and the Labour party, who they see as a block on finding some sort of resolution to Brexit”.

The Tories were able to obtain a majority in Walsall council by taking seats from Labour, but the council leader said this win happened “despite” the current government. He said, “She hasn’t helped us make any gains at all. Far from it. We made the gains despite the prime minister.”