BBC agrees to pay Sir Cliff Richard £850,000 to cover legal costs

  • img Harvey Cawdron
  • POSTED ON 26 Jul 2018


Following his successful privacy case against the corporation, the BBC has agreed to pay Sir Cliff Richard £850,000 within 14 days to cover his legal costs. 

Richard has already been awarded £210,000 in damages by a High Court Judge, who concluded that the BBC had infringed on Richard's privacy when they reported a police raid of his home in 2014. 

Allegations of historical child sex abuse prompted the investigation that the raid was part of, for which Richard was never charged nor arrested. 

Barrister Gavin Millar QC, leading the BBC's legal team, rendered it 'appropriate' for the corporation to pay for Richard's legal fees. 

The BBC is seeking leave to appeal last week's judgement by challenging the judge's findings that Richard's right to privacy whilst a suspect in a criminal investigation, and that this exceeds the BBC's rights to freedom of expression to publish his name and cover the raid. 

After the trial in London, Mr Justice Mann ruled in Richard's favour. He concluded that the coverage - which involved a helicopter filming the South Yorkshire Police's raid of Richard's home - had infringed on his privacy in a 'serious' and 'somewhat sensationalist way'.